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Dietrick Institute and KM AntPro Training on Biological Ant Control

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Dietrick Institute and KM AntPro on biological ant control


VENTURA – Dietrick Institute for Applied Insect Ecology and  University of California Cooperative Extension of Ventura County will bring Ken Kupfer, founding CEO of KM AntPro from Florida for a training session on ant baiting systems using liquid borate baits.


The event will be from 8 to 11 a.m. June 6, 2017 at the UC Cooperative Extension Conference Room 669, County Square Dr., Suite 100, Ventura, CA 93003, at no cost to farmers, landscape managers, and Master Gardeners.


The morning will open with Entomologist Anna Howell of the UC Cooperative Extension giving an overview on ant biology. Kupfer will demonstrate why organic and biologically based pest control becomes challenging in the presence of ants and the need to manage ants for cost-effective biological pest management. He invented the AntPro Liquid Bait Dispenser that gave exceptional performance in studies at the University of California at Riverside.


Jan Dietrick, founder of the non-profit Dietrick Institute and President of Rincon-Vitova Insectaries, Inc., is organizing the institute to offer local training programs about biological farming methods that help maintain healthy soil. “What many growers don’t know is that there are ways to manage ants without toxic pesticides that are effective and accepted on certified organic farms. When valuable soil microbes are protected by avoiding pesticide sprays, a healthy living soil is better able to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It’s a small part land stewards can play to help reverse climate change.”


Joining Howell and Kupfer is Pest Control Advisor Tom Roberts of Integrated Consulting Entomology to talk about ant management systems in different crop settings. Liquid baits are generally more effective than dry, scatter baits. Borate based baits are the only ones that comply with the National Organic Program and are used by many certified organic growers. Future training workshops will cover other technologies for increasing soil biology on managed lands. 


Contact: Ron Whitehurst, PCA, Ventura, CA, 805-643- 5407, email ron@rinconvitova.com.

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Ventura Food Coop Presents Insectary Tour and Potluck

Rincon-Vitova Insectaries is hosting a tour, potluck and discussion about the Ventura Food Coop. They won the 2016 Regenerative Business Prize for helping farmers manage biologically and get off of toxic pesticides, while minimizing their ecological foot print. See more at www.RinconVitova.com . Tour that starts at 3 pm -- see their evolving food forest, solar heating system, solar electric system, solar ovens, grey water systems, composting, compost tea brewing, tree nursery, and beneficial insect production and learn about how their mission and ways of doing business reflect the Seven Principles of a Regenerative Business. 

Potluck Dinner at 5 - 6 pm -- Please bring a label with the food ingredients, such as veg, vegan, gluten free, sugar free. Solar and electric ovens available for warming items.

Discussion about the Food Coop 6 – 7 pm -- A new Food Coop in Ventura will have a culture shaped by its members. How will it benefit our community and not be just another business? How do we build community to support a Food Coop? How can businesses support a Food Coop that provides benefits to the community? 

Directions: From Hwy 33 North from Ventura, exit Shell Rd, make a series of lefts: left onto Shell Rd, left on Ventura Ave, left on Orchard Dr, left on driveway past hike and bike trail, in front of oil well. Park in lot near oil well and walk down drive to first building on left home of Ron & Jan. Contact: Ron Whitehurst, 805-746-5368 ron@rinconvitova.com

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